Five Mic Fridayz – Don’t Leave Ya Girl Around Meeeee

This is how you end a work week, by one of the BEST songs by one of the BEST rappers EVA!

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4 Responses to “Five Mic Fridayz – Don’t Leave Ya Girl Around Meeeee”

  1. The Greatest of All Time, TRU!

    So many things stand out in this video :

    1) Heavy D and his scattered vision, directing traffic at the door

    2) Faith Evans real hair peek-a-boo’n out from underneath her dollar store cap wig

    3) Zhane makin me miss Zhane

    4) That shifty lookin dude spikin the punch wit what I’m sure is piss water, kool-aid and embalmin’ fluid

    5) The Queen of hip-hop soul killin yawl hoes wit frosted eye shadow

    6) Aaliyah makin me miss Aaliyah

    7) That life really does suck when Diddy is still breathin’ but one of the greatest rappers ever is dead and crankin that Obama Hussein with the sweet tasty lamb of God

  2. I don’t know about ya’ll girls, but I pee pee when I see Big Poppa!

  3. This shyt right chere son…Makes me moist…And what not…Its like sweet milk ya know…Anyways

    “Right stroke, left stroke was the best stroke…Death stroke, tongue all down her throat”

    Umm excuse me for a moment or too…I’ve gotta change the g-strang…

  4. Dang, ya’ll got me in my office bobbin’ my head and wishing it was four o’clock! Man, that was the jam back in the day. I mean, what more can you ask for? You got Biggie on the mic, Faith and Mary doin’ the vocals and a bunch of folk in the video including Aaliyah and Da Brat just chillin’. Classic.

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