We’ve moved..

We’ve moved!!


Effective 11:00pm cst.
Update your links!!

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6 Responses to “We’ve moved..”

  1. *Walks in..looks around…::farts::…walks out*


    Thinks to self “what is that smell”

    Turns lights out and leaves

  3. comes back b/c somebody’s link don’t work.

    “what is that smell?” “…and where the fvck is everyone?”

  4. I’ve already updated my blog, but it would be nice that when you coloreds post a new link that it work……thanx for your candor……what does candor mean?


  5. You can run bitches, but you can’t hiiiiiiiide!

  6. MsWhoDat Says:

    *runs in frowning-walks over to the closet-looks in* All my sheet betta be in the closet at the new spot…….

    Yall need some air freshner in this beach………

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