Five Mic Fridayz!

The year was 1989, and some of you lil fuckas weren’t even born yet. A lil Slaus was 13 years old and thought he was cool as he was rocking a hi-top fade with suede Filas. I can vividly remember that Saturday afternoon, where I was hanging out at Fairlane Mall in Dearborn Michigan with my pals, Jon, David, Delmar and Tom as we were goofing off in what was known back then as a Record Store. Rec-ord stoooooore, for you young lil fugg ass fuggers who don’t remember life before compact discs.

That was the day I had decided to pick up a new CD by this funky group of white boys that were running around TV telling us to give folks a ridiculous facial form of disgust that was known as the Gas Face! And here is it again people! 19 some odd years later, we present to you: Third Bass- The Gas Face.

The link in case the video goes bye-bye.

As I look back at this video I am reminded just how much I thought Pete Nice, was a joke. Sitting there with the cane n shyt, with the fakin ass fake suave smirk n shyt. Fool ain’t even got lips but he tryna smirk. Come off lookin like that lil retarded ass kid on the bud who is wearing the crash helmet and licking the window.

Either way, I forgot all about Thirds Bass having beef with Mc Hammer… I wonder why.


9 Responses to “Five Mic Fridayz!”

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  2. Baby Kiki Wallace, Reporter Says:

    ..them were some goofy azz dance moves. hehe…

  3. Can't Take It Says:

    Flavor Flav? Gilbert Godfried? The “Sunucca” sign? Serch’s glasses?

    I’m finished. But that song is still hot. LOL

  4. nonotthejacket Says:

    Yes!! This song has been on rotation in my iPod AND my car for the past month…

    Hammer! Shut the f*ck up!!

  5. Yep, they pulled the vid already. Thanks for the link. Is that Doug E Doug at the beginning of the video?
    This video stars the cast of the next “Celebrity Fit Club”.

  6. Zeb Love X a.k.a. MF Doom back as a youngin’ and pre-metal mask and MC Serch pre-VH1 rap shows. 🙂

    * shines up walking stick because I now feel old as hell seeing this video *

    This was a hot jam though – 3rd Bass had some FIRE beats on that 1st album and quality remixes (Pete Rock, etc.)

  7. gas face was the jam. mc serch was a blakc dude trapped in a unorthodox white person’s body. dude had lyrics and dance moves. lol.

  8. queen medina Says:

    @jacket…ME TOO

    Leroy… Leroy Coins…get the gas face

    I have no idea who that was..but I always remember that part..

    @agree with DON…he had black pride like the rest of us back then..

  9. Elroy …Elroy Cowins gets the gas face….

    ah…when HipHop was fun and you learned a few things..

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