New Music Tuesday June 24, 2008

R&B/Jazz/Folk reviews by: Bef

Sketches Of A Man

Detroit stand up! Detroit’s own Dwele is back with another all the songs sound the same CD; let me stop that was mean. But sometimes his CD’s end up all having this monotone sound.

Anyway, Dwele is another little known R&B artist but some of you might recognize his voice from Flashing Lights by Kanye West.

I can’t seem to make myself be a real fan of Dwele. I have his first CD and it was good but then the 2nd CD just ended up sounding the exact same. I think it’s his voice. Something about it doesn’t set well with my spirit but y’all know I’m weird.

Anyway, overall this is a good solid CD from Dwele. Other folks I’ve talked to about this CD love it. I wouldn’t say I love it but I do like it more than I thought I would.

Standout Tracks:

A few reasons (truth pt. 2)
Open your eyes (reminds me of The Light by Common)
5 dolla mic
I’m cheatin’
Love ultra
Travelin’ Girl

Amos Lee
Last Days at the Lodge

Adult Contemporary Folk singer songwriter Amos Lee is back with a new CD. I don’t know why they put him in the R&B category because I wouldn’t consider him R&B at all.

Anyway, I’ve never really taken the time to listen to an Amos Lee CD why I don’t know. I found myself rather impressed with this CD.

Overall with his soulful voice and mellow acoustic guitar playing this CD is something you’ll want to have on those nights where you need to unwind from a very stress full day.

Standout tracks:

Won’t let me go
Street Corner Preacher
It started to rain
Better days

Anthony David
Acey Duecy

Yet another little know R&B artist releases a CD this week. Anthony David releases his 4th CD Acey Duecy. Don’t ask me about that title it’s a little authentic sounding.

But anyway, he is another artist that I’ve heard of but never took the time to listen to. Y’all know I’m funny acting like that.

He has a very old-school soulful sounding voice. Sometimes his voice doesn’t seem to fit the music if that makes sense. His voice is rather powerful sounding made for those old 70’s type of love songs.

Overall I think this is a solid effort from this little known R&B artist.

Standout Tracks:

Smoke One
Spittin’ Game

Tales from the beach

Acid Jazz group Incognito is back with the US release of Tales From The Beach! I’ve always liked this group. They just know how to put out quality music period.

They didn’t disappoint with this CD either.

With vocals from Maysa Leak (she’s on that Angela Johnson CD I recommended a few weeks ago) and Tony Momrelle, you’ll find yourself getting your little groove on to this CD.

It’s definitely a must have in my book.

Standout tracks:

All of them.

Before we get into the hip hop reviews I must confess I’m being rather mean to B this week. I’m making him review some rather wack CD’s this week hehehe

Hip Hop reviews by: Babyfaced

Straight Up. No Chaser

I’m melting I’m melting from the niggerdom….AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!

3rd World
DJ Green Lantern & Immortal Technique

Wacktacular…next CD

Digi snax

Typical Wu-Tang style CD, weird ass rhymes over hot beats.

Three 6 Mafia
Last 2 Walk
*side note from Bef: Lyfe is on this CD so go get it*

B didn’t have time to review this cause ‘da man’ is crackin’ the whip.

He didn’t want to review it anyway.

It’s wack and we all know it.

That’s it for new music this week.

Happy Listening!!!!


16 Responses to “New Music Tuesday June 24, 2008”

  1. […] Anyway, Dwele is another little known R&B artist but some of you might recognize his voice from Flashing Lights by Kanye West. [Read more here] […]

  2. LOL :Wacktacular: – That’s my new word of the week.

  3. Dwele speaks to me…most tracks anyway. I love the new one ‘im cheatin’ …I can be a lil slow, the video pissed me off, until I paid attention..DUH. But..hes def understated and underappreciated…thanks for showcasing him.

  4. Slick Selebrity Says:

    BEF, are you saying that these CD’s are solid because they do not iritate you? these guys are so watered down to me. It seems like they are saying …since Van Hunt is not blowing up, D’angelo is crazy, and ben harper has a white audience im going to water my music down so its digestable for the incense, oil, backpack, and headwrap crowd. I think that these guys are doing to soul music what ring-tone rappers do to hip-hop

  5. Slick you lost me with watered down…are you attempting to compare Van Hunt and Ben Harper to these R&B/Soul Artists? Cause ummm that’s a bad comparison considering that Van Hunt and Ben Harper I would not consider them actual R&B/Soul artists…they seem to blur the lines…just because they are black doesn’t automatically make them R&B/Soul artists….

    When I say a CD is solid its just that…its a decent/good effort from these artists…meaning you will like most of the songs on the CD. The CD isn’t a complete waste and its not full (more than half) of filler songs.

    Now you want to talk about watered down R&B turn on your local Clear Channel or Radio One Hip Hop and R&B station to hear watered down R&B…something I don’t listen to

    What artists like Anthony David, Dwele, Hil St. Soul, Joy Denalane, Ledisi, Liv Warfield, Jaguar Wright to name a few are doing is what I would call good R&B/Soul music that the mainstream is not going to give much love to sad to say…

  6. I considered buying the Dwele cd until I listened to it. Boring. And, I like him and liked his first cd.

  7. Mz Diva Says:

    I wasn’t too familiar with Dwele before, but I am feelin the song “I’m cheatin.” I couldn’t understand it at first, like most people. I was glad he explained on the radio though that he’s not condoning cheating on the girl. He said that in the song, his girl is conservative, but when she takes the bun out of her hair and takes the suit off and becomes his “Ghetto ballet dancer,’ she’s like a different person, so in a sense he is cheating, but it is with the same person.

  8. Slick Selebrity Says:

    Come on Now, I don’t think that color has that much to do with genre. But Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone, Labelle, and the Isleys are all considered R&B and soul, in that vein I would definitely consider Ben Harper and Van Hunt R&B and Soul, especially on a textual level, Rhythm and Blues…Soulful. I completely agree with you on the clear channel and radio one thing, but my point is the way that these guys are marketed as authentic and the way ring tone rap is marketed as new hip-hop, I think that it’s comparable. We are being sold something that is mediocre compared to its foundations. I think that good (or solid as you use it in your review) is relative, and I would like to hope that WE (me included) are not being dumbed down because they are using live instruments, in the same way that I think that rap is being dumbed down even though they are still using breaks and samples.

    Nicole, I’m say what you are saying Dwele, is boring now.

    These folks are not mainstream, yeah ok, Im glad we have them, but since we are listening we are still consumers and should expect better. That is why I was questioning the use of solid or good for that matter.

  9. I wish I cared much about r&b so that I could participate in the discussion, but I dont particularly care for it. But what I will do is agree a little bit with both bef and Slick.

    Of what I do like: I LOVE the anthony david disc, as well as other artists like Hil St. Soul, Joy Denalane, Ledisi, Liv Warfield, and Jaguar Wright. I dont think I would have gotten hip to any of those if it werent for bef’s midget ass.

    but what SLick says is true in a sense that just because some cats are completely different from the norm and pick up instruments, we automatically give it an extra 20 points of good. Similar to how if you think about it, The camp-lo Luchini song, which many people herald as an amazing hip-hop track that was against the normal drinking and money boolshyt, was actually… just that. ” This is it, what, luchini pouring from the sky lets get rich what!” the only difference was in the delivery and the beat.. otherwise.. it was the same thing.. we just gave it more props because it felt different.

  10. I really dont know anyone that gives props just because an artist might play an instrument or sounds different (different ain’t always good ya know)….if that’s how some folks get down then yea they have dumbed themselves down… *shrugs*

    I personally dont think the state of R&B is as bad as some think Hip Hop is…

    I think there are plenty of quality artists out there that just don’t get the marketing that they deserve

    I dont know of that many non-mainstream R&B artists that get marketed as “the truth” or the next big thing in R&B….it seems the R&B that is of better quality (in my opinion) gets no marketing at all…hence why I’m always on the internet trying to find some decent music

    As far as Hip Hop its not my genre…I rarely listen to it…so I can’t have an opinion on it…

  11. I know I’m going to get pummeled for this, but Bef, I think Alicia Keys is a prime example of someone getting extra credit just b/c she plays an instrument and sounds different. I’ve been bored w/ her lately too. I really liked (not loved) her first cd. Since then, its like whatever. This last cd gets on my dayum nerves.

    Picked up the Hil St. Soul based on a previous posting and really liked it. Its funny b/c I went to my local independent recka sto to get Lalah and Dwele and ended up leaving Dwele on the counter and walking out w/ Hil. Didn’t even have to sample the Lalah b/c she was coming home no matter.

    An aside: I went to a FYE looking for the Lalah cd and had some 12 yo employee ask if he could help. When I told him what I wanted, he started walking away to look it up b/c he didn’t know what section (genre) it would be in. When I told him either r&b or jazz, he was like, “Oh, okay. What’s the name again??” I know they don’t know what they don’t know, but I had to dismiss him on the spot and look for it myself. Once I found it I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it there – on principle. Hence the trip to the recka sto.

  12. Nicole….why would you get pummeled for your opinion? I wouldn’t do that when it comes to music everyone’s taste is so different

    as for A. Keys yea her last CD was self indulgent ya was like I’m the great Alicia Keys and can put out anything and the idiot fans will buy it….sike her mind her booty shine…that CD was wackalicious!!!

    I do think that aside from her first CD she hasn’t lived up to her hype

    So yea I can see where you might say she’s getting extra credit cause she can play the keys…she’s talented nonetheless but maybe not to the degree that she was marketed to be…but I think in R&B she’s a minority in that sense….

    You got the latest Hil St. Soul (Black Rose)…. I don’t think it was as good as her previous CD but it was pretty decent….if you don’t have Soulidified by her GO GET IT!!! That CD was damn near perfect!!!!

  13. say something else bad about Alicia keys, hear…

    :: mad dawging Nicole ::

  14. Alicia Keys latest CD is WACK how ’bout that!!!!

  15. …and her breaf stank!

    Bef, I knew the stans would come out of the wood works…

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