When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Dear OHN Fam,

As the leader and founder of O Hell Nawl, I love being able to take credit for the successes of my team and be able to pass it along to them respectively so that they to can be assured that what they are doing is being well received by you, the readers. On the flip side, when our readership feels offended or they feel something is not as it should be, then as the HNIC of the crew it is my responsibility to take that criticism on behalf of my folks as well.

The first of which, being this last Saturday’s radio show where one of our readers/listeners called in to express their opinion only to be personally insulted and or offended. While I have no apologies for the general content of OHN ( if you don’t like it, don’t read it), I do not condone personal attacks towards our readers. There is a difference between saying: All Southern rappers stank, and saying: Bully if you think southern rappers are any good, yousa dumb bytch. Both of which are not true. :daps Bully :: Hopefully you see the difference. So to the caller/reader from Saturday’s show: you have my apologies…sincerely. Now get nekkid.

Another transgression that happened last week, was during the conversation regarding Soulja Boy’s retort towards Ice-t. In this thread, I let my anger towards what i see as the destruction of an artform I once loved, blind my better judgement and my principles. In this post I expressed the following statement: “WHY hasn’t that lil mufugga been hit by a stray bullet… why? Whhhhy?” As someone who preaches about the desire to see Black men legally successful and taking care of their families, to even joke about the death of a young brother was just childish, immature and reprehensible on my part. For that I sincerely apologize to the readers and to Soulja Boy. My disdain for his music and the state of Hip-hop today gave me no right to say such a thing and saying such subtracts from my credibility when speaking on the betterment of Black Males and others.

This is not an apology that is given for the sake of politics. This is not because anyone threatened to no longer read the products of OHN or because they came crying to me, because id kindly tell ya to sugg and spit. It is becauseI feel some things have not gone as they should as of late, and one should never let their pride get in the way of doing what is right.

Now that we are done with that, lets get back to enjoying what we all came here to enjoy….

Deez nutz. Putting Kiki and Kay Kay in the corner, molesting chocs booty, yellin @ fineazall, and masterbating to the way London types all Britishy, and shaking our head at Minista…

I’ll let this ol Scurl sexy flexy ass dancing ass negro sum it up for me..


29 Responses to “When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”

  1. […] HNIC of the crew it is my responsibility to take that criticism on behalf of my folks as well. [ read the rest here […]

  2. As most folks know, I had to delete the last version because it just broke out into another fight n ish. Kinda belittled the whole point of me apologizing. So if ya got comments, keep em relevant and respectful…befo I drop the edit hand again. lol


  3. You gotta admit tho, this is pretty good publicity fpr the next broadcast.

  4. LOL @ kay kay – CHRUUUUUUU.
    Like.. find out who is going to get cussed the fugg out .

    Nawl that ish aint ever happening again lol

  5. Got me tearing up! My lil poo poo actin all mature n shyt!
    ::single tear falls::

    I luh you man!

  6. Slaus, Again, I found the apology heartfelt and sincere.

    I still want nekkid pics though. (Wanna, don’t hurt me)

  7. *blank stare* @ Slaus…..

  8. I’m printin’ this shyd out and framing it! (*Runnin to stoe to get GOLD SPINNIN’ RIM WHEEL AZZ FRAME*)

    *runnin’ from Slaus big azz boomerang drawers*

  9. you did not put ginuwine up in here…you is a complete fool

    I’m going to bed

  10. @diva – Dont let her high ass IQ fool you.. wanna is from the soufside of the chi.. she got 4 guns in one pocket n shyt

    @ KayKay – :: punches you in the throat :: don’t get it teisted! Im still lex luthor gat dammit! Im just tryna be a lil mo Clark kent in my old age.

    “The truth is.. You are the weak. And I am the tyranny of evil men. But im tryyyyyin Ringo. Im trying real Haaaawd to be the shepherd. ”

    @jhazzai – see. ima fight you. lol

  11. :: gyratin on the back of bef kneck, imitatin Ginuwine ::

  12. Sheletha Says:

    for the record…it wasn’t me.

  13. :chanting:

    “Hail Kaiser Soze! Kaizer Soze! …”

  14. ambboogie Says:


  15. Isn’t it “you’re”….

    <===running away as fast as my little fat short legs can carry me.

  16. ambboogie Says:

    *trips Mz Exclusive and puts her in a high chair*

  17. im just gigglin cause fo once…jaila name aint come up in shyt.

  18. sammydeen Says:

    *cheesin* I ain’t neva did nothin to nobody *halo*

  19. I can’t stop fartin’ …, I just can’t stop fartin….. Slaus has caused my whole system to shift gears and it has given me gas!

    (*Runnin’ to get some Subtle Butt*)

  20. Ok…I’m gonna have to listen to the show, now…figure out who the fifty first dates chick is, hit on her and then make it 51 first dates.

  21. dang…i knew i should have gotten back online last night to read the comments…now i missed ALL that was said in the original post (although i caught enough to get the gist)…

    ya’ll alright with me. although slaus felt he had to do what he did by apologizing, the show was still funny and OHN ain’t made for people who don’t have [semi] thick skin. like i tell other people who i might argue with on blogs “this is the freakin’ internet, unless i know you personally, i ain’t all that pressed that you don’t like me” WOMP WOMP

  22. sammydeen Says:

    Bully….you get out too *dyin* You can come back for peeping my reference though.

  23. *walks in…reads “apology”…picks up mic*

    Hello…hello…this thing on? Ah’ight…

    LISTEN UP YOU SENSATIVE AZZ MU’FUCKAS! Lets get some shyt skrate…When you come to OHN, be prepared to read or hear some very intellegent, logical, and socially conscious aware topics (snicker). Then be prepared for us to clown that shyt, just get plain ole ignant nassy ass ignant wit it, and call shyt out for what it is…fuck all dis gat damn apologizing! Yo ass need to get yo diaper changed every time you come up in here, then this aint the place for you! POOF…BE GONE!

    *drops mic, kicks over chair, walks away mumblin…shiiiiid, Ize got hoe tendencies sometimes too! dont see me gettin my panties in a bunch just cuz somebody wanna point it out…big ass babies…*

    Yeah yeah…I’m goin…

    :goes to corner, gets nekkid, & molests my dayum self*

  24. Wow. This is hilarious.

    and for the record Sam I am with you.

    *Top Flight Security Pose*

  25. sammydeen Says:

    See, Kiki knows her place is the corner. Now if only we can get Jaila to realize the same thing so we won’t even have to tell her.

    *posin right along side MsLov like we in Krush Groove* You feel me?

  26. sammydeen Says:

    Aye that Genuwine song was the shyt doe!

  27. deutlich Says:

    I love OHN.

  28. nope…i aint just going to no mf corner ON MY OWN. i needs to be strong armed, molested, groped, etc. to go to the corner.

    Fuck compliance.

  29. All I know is I’m E-Gangster, play wit it:)

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